Working with leading healthcare associations and specialty groups, Doody Consulting’s engagements focus on positive measurable outcomes, with a primary focus on publishing strategy. The range of assignments includes:


  • Strategic publishing plans
  • Strategic editorial and acquisitions plans
  • Feasibility studies for new business opportunities
  • Identifying and implementing industry best practices
  • Offering independent valuation of product lines and strategic acquisitions
  • Web portal strategy


  • Identifying and negotiating with a publisher for a society’s journal properties
  • Assessing new journal needs and feasibility


Market development and marketing

  • Cultivating new marketing and distribution channels
  • Aiding in the development of marketing plans
  • Planning, developing, and executing online/telephone market surveys and focus groups
  • Web portal marketing

Business development

  • Acquire products/intellectual property needed to implement strategic publishing plan
  • Providing blueprints to establish or expand intellectual property licensing

Organizational development

  • Deconstructing silos by stimulating the blending of publishing and educational activities
  • Facilitating internal and external group planning/brainstorming/team-building meetings and often moderating those meetings
  • Performing benchmark studies and working with organizations on plans to achieve them
  • Assessing human resource needs and devising plans to fulfill them