Even in the best of times — maybe especially in the best of times — you may find members of staff overtaxed, unable to shoulder all that is counted upon by your organization. It may be that you need to explore an untested business opportunity or that you seek an experienced advocate to help you implement a challenging business initiative.

Whichever the case, whatever your business needs, we are confident we can help you.
As a full-services strategic partner, Doody Consulting — since 2004 — has been helping organizations like yours on a host of business initiatives from strategic planning and new business development to executive coaching and staff development.

Reflecting decades of executive experience within healthcare societies — and with dedicated strengths in publishing and continuing education — the team at Doody Consulting (introduced in this flyer) brings you opportunities to…

  • Identify and evaluate candidate business partners…and negotiate winning new vendor/partner/publisher agreements
  • Develop a portal website for a product collection or subspecialty audience
  • Build out your portfolio of member products, services, and benefits
  • Expand global licensing opportunities for your intellectual property
  • Provide executive coaching services and staff leadership workshops
  • Launch open-access, author-pay publications…and more!

Our Approach…Your Resolution

So you understand how we approach your project. Our first priority is to work with you to understand and isolate the problem. And then we work with you to implement solutions to meet your needs and objectives.

Should you have questions, let us make our first two discussions completely free. Give me a call (312-239-6226) or send me an email (dan@doodyconsulting.com) explaining what you are hoping to achieve and let us come back to you with a plan.

It’s that simple.