Building on decades of experience in the medical marketplace by its key people, since 2004 Doody Consulting has built an impressive history of consulting engagements aimed at helping clients derive more profitability and greater efficiency from their publishing and educational offerings. And in 2016, we expanded our services to include executive coaching and staff development training. Key to the success of our consulting practice has been our company’s needs assessment approach, which tailors our proposed outcomes to the client’s needs. These services are managed by our experienced consulting principals, and many of the consulting engagements benefit from the involvement of our consulting associates.

Our broad range of experience and expertise assures success in a variety of consulting engagements. As a practical matter, our consulting engagements typically involve a number of personal meetings with clients, supplemented by phone and virtual meetings and nearly always conclude with a face-to-face briefing for our clients. In addition, we offer a complimentary diagnostic checkup approximately six and twelve months later.

In 2013, Doody Consulting conducted its first workshop aimed at publishing and education executives within professional societies. The initial workshop, called Doody’s Digital Workshop, was a major success. Since then we’ve conducted seven Workshops. Doody’s Digital Workshop 2018 was held in April 2018, and Doody’s Digital Workshop has been scheduled for June 2019.