Bryan Chapman, Chief Learning Strategist, Chapman Alliance

Keynote Speech: Publishing, Learning, and Information Sharing in a Digital World

Bryan Chapman is Chief Learning Strategist at the Chapman Alliance; a provider of research-centric consulting solutions that assist organizations in defining, operating and optimizing their strategic learning and digital transformation initiatives. As a veteran in the industry, he has over 22 years’ experience working with associations and traditional educational publishers, such as: the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Children’s Hospital Association, Ken Blanchard, Harvard Business Publishing, Thomson Reuters, The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Franklin Covey, Kaplan Publishing, VitalSmarts, National Mortgage Brokers Association, AchieveGlobal, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), Banking Administration Institute (BAI), Training Magazine, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and many others. His goal in all of his consulting engagements: to help optimize efficiency through the use of innovative techniques and technologies.

In this innovative keynote presentation, Bryan will explore best practices in digital publishing, online learning design and information sharing to best meet the needs of our digital world.  We’ll explore several case studies from associations and educational publishers, such as: a medical association that converted a subsidized-education program into a revenue-generating profit center (growing revenue by 3000% in 8 years); a print-based publisher that solved a critical issue of managing rapid updates through eBook delivery, an association that developed a popular video-on-demand network for association members, and many more examples. The session will also dive into tips and techniques including making content available just-in-time, just enough, and on any device; personalized delivery, flipping the traditional classroom model, motivation using gamification techniques, and engagement though social collaboration. We look forward to an active discussion as part of this session.

Bryan has a question for his audience: “Digital transformation is occurring all around us and constantly changing our everyday lives.  For example, think back on something you may have learned in the past week. Was it (A) in a training class, (B) in a book or manual; (C) at a conference, or (D) online?  If you selected “D,” you are a citizen of the modern world. In most cases, the thing you likely learned was something you went looking for, by yourself, at the moment of need; as opposed to something you were assigned to study by an employer (even if you were at work). What can we learn from this mental exercise?  I’m glad you asked.”