Mighty Learning Labs (MLL)  is an education technology company dedicated to strengthening  e-learning program investments by treating gaps in current elearning technology, specifically: 1) the need for actionable insights from the data of learning technology programs, 2) the need for simpler ways to build and launch multimedia content.
MLL offers 2 key products, both designed to help leverage existing education programs. The first, a data visualization platform to help growing learning programs take in their sources of education data from an LMS and combined it with other complementary data from internal platforms like a CRM, AMS, and commerce software to build highly informative visualizations and advanced dashboards to provide actionable insights from their education programs.
ML2 also offers Shuttle Learning Platform, a simplified media delivery engine that integrates with an LMS to help deliver “YouTube”-like trackable education content to audiences, with the additional features to help support learning: Embeddable videos, showcase libraries of video content, and shareable links. The goal is to simplify assembly and delivery of such content, while gaining the tracking that elearning programs require for completion and reporting requirements.
The company represents over 20 years of experience in education technology, and takes a neutral, standards based approach to its technologies. As education practitioners,  the company founders see a critical need to support existing learning programs by adding tools to strengthen data capture while also simplifying content assembly.