Three unique, real-life examples of organizations that have made a major platform transition to better enable their intellectual property to meet the needs of members and other users.
Presentation — Transformations in Learning Management Systems
Panelist: Lisa Cohen, Director, RSNA Education Center

Lisa is the Director of the RSNA Education Center.  The Education Center oversees a portfolio of 800+ online education courses for Radiologists worldwide. Before joining The Education Center, she served as Director of Education and Professional Development at American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. Earlier in her career, Lisa was deeply involved in international society relations, first at American Society of Clinical Oncology and then at American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Presentation — Transformations in the User Experience of JAMA Networks
Panelist: Paul Gee, Vice President, Digital Product Management and Development, JAMA Network

Paul Gee brings experience in both the society world and commercial publishing. He started his career as an editorial assistant at American Association for Cancer Research, then moved to Wolters Kluwer Health. At Wolters Kluwer, he started as Lead Editorial Coordinator, managing operations for four medical journals, and ultimately became Online Products Publisher, driving growth across a portfolio of products. In 2012, he joined the JAMA Network as Senior Product Development Manager, and increased his level of responsibility to his current VP position. Paul brings to scholarly website development a unique mix of editorial and process focus along with business model strategy.

Presentation — Beyond Print – Taking Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy to the Next Level
Michael J. McMahon, Senior Marketing Manager, Wolters Kluwer-Lippincott

Mike McMahon began his career in publishing over twenty years ago, starting at Saint Joseph’s University Press. While earning his MBA, he moved over to medical publishing at WB Saunders as a journals marketer for nearly ten years. After a few years with Clement Communications, an employee safety communications company, he moved on to Wolters Kluwer as part of the Ovid Marketing team for nearly 5 years. Still with Wolters Kluwer he is now a Senior Marketing Manager for medical education, responsible for marketing books and online resources to faculty and students.