As co-chair of Doody’s Digital Workshop, I can tell you that Dan Doody and I are excited about the program for our third annual workshop for society executives.  Among our speakers and panelists are authors of two top-selling books, consultants from inside and outside of the publishing industry, seasoned publishers from societies and the quasi-government National Academies, and even a technical expert from a well-known vendor.

Our program continues to include three different group exercises, each of which will afford you a chance to meet and work with people you haven’t met before – an opportunity to network while learning from each other.

The Unconference session, one of the group exercises, is new to Doody’s Digital Workshop. We plan to set up small-group tables based in our attendees’ expressed interests, and you will be able to choose the topic of most interest to you. We plan to use this blog as a means to solicit and discuss topic suggestions with registrants, so we encourage you to register early and stay in touch with this blog.

We’d love to know which topic(s) you would like to see as a table theme. Please send us a comment with your thoughts. We and other readers of this blog will appreciate the food for thought.