Panel: Spontaneous Combustion: The Confluence of Content and Technology

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The aim of this panel is to discuss the transformation technology requires of publishers if they want their intellectual property to remain relevant and profitable.

  • Michael Clarke brings the unique perspective from his background as a publisher (AMA), a vendor (Silverchair) and now a consultant (Clarke & Co.) to talk about blending skills and competencies for the benefit of the consumer.
  • Becky Harris explores the tactics a society can employ to re-skill its staff from the work flows of printed books and journals to the new work flow demanded by using technical tools to gather, produce and disseminate its intellectual property.
  • Mike Markey describes how the publisher can work with its vendor optimally to forge a partnership that leverages the publisher’s content with the best aspects of the vendor’s technology to deliver the information in the way their member wants it.
  • Rich Lampert of Doody Enterprises will moderate this panel.

Panel: Contemporary Best Practices

Dean Manke
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Each of the members of this panel will share her / his experience in achieving best practice in an area identified by attendees of Doody’s Digital Workshop as being particularly nettlesome.

  • Barbara Kline Pope describes the 10-year evolution at the National Academies Press of offering all of their scholarly books for free in electronic formats and how this has helped bring about a number of more effective business models for the Press.
  • Dean Manke chronicles the major successes and setbacks of the last several years during the transformation of ASHP’s top seller, the AHFS Drug Information guide, from an annual reference book to a multi-media platform.
  • Susan Gay shares many of the pearls she has learned while helping healthcare professionals and publishers evolve an effective social media strategy.
  • Dan Doody of Doody Enterprises will moderate this panel.