Panel: User-centric information development and dissemination

Panelists: Tamer Ali, Senior Vice President, YM Learning; Kevin Baliozian, Executive Director, Medical Library Association; Julia Colpitts, Director of Editorial Operations for EBSCO Health

  • Tamer Ali will talk about elements of a Learning Management System that optimizes the value of a society’s educational content while providing appropriate guidance for members in planning their continuing education activities.
  • Kevin Baliozian will discuss current efforts by an invigorated Medical Library Association staff to address documented information needs of its members.
  • Julia Colpitts will provide an overview of how EBSCO understands user information needs in ongoing development of key EBSCO products such as DynaMed.
  • Dan Doody of Doody Enterprises will moderate this panel.

Panel: Success stories


Each member of this panel will share a success story (sometimes more than one) that demonstrates how societies can build the value of their content to members and others.

  • Tristan Gorrindo describes the first-ever American Psychiatric Association Innovation Lab, a hackathon that took place at APA’s Annual Meeting this past May. Members proposed approaches to problems in the world of psychiatry and metal health, and teams of psychiatrists, business executives, and engineers sketched out solutions in a lively session.
  • Bruce Polsky describes multiple examples when smart editorial thinking (contributing to the mission) led to improved revenues (improving the margin) and to increased visibility for the society (again, contributing to the mission.)
  • Michael Springer describes how putting Journal of American Dental Association into the hands of a contract publisher enabled ADA to redirect and reconfigure its internal publishing resources, including publishing staff, to new digital products featuring “snackable” information for dentists.
  • Rich Lampert of Doody Consulting LLC will moderate this panel.