Without an active and effective strategic plan, many membership organizations find themselves squandering resources, while being tethered to unsustainable programs or commitments that are unable to provide genuine value or offer your membership a commensurate return on investment.

As many organizations have found, when strategic planning doesn’t actively inform annual budgeting and operations — or if it’s been more than five years since your leadership team engaged in a planning exercise — the organization might be operating at less than optimal efficiency. In which case you may find considerable value in a detailed review of where you are, where you are headed, and how best to get there.

To this end, Maureen Geoghegan writes that Doody Consulting “helped us understand and direct our strategies related to education, pricing, publishing, competitive landscape, and marketing.”

Whether your need is in articulating a first-time strategic plan or in revisiting an existing plan, we can help you turn strategic planning from a one-time event into an active discipline with which to guide operations and investments.

Alternately, we are also particularly adept at developing solutions when your interest is limited simply to seeking strategic growth for your program(s), or in pursuit of other pressing business initiatives.

With Doody Consulting, you tap into the expertise of one of the premier consulting firms serving STM and other membership organizations. Our consultants have worked with large and small societies to address an array of daunting strategic and structural issues. (Please see attached flyer.)

A full-service consulting firm, our team is equally capable of helping you articulate a mission…and at helping you move your enterprise toward achieving its vision!

Give me a call today (312-239-6226). Let us work with you and your leadership team on delivering a bright and healthy future!