A host of benefits can accrue to a society’s partnership with a commercial publisher. The right publisher can provide your organization with:

  • Exceptional outreach in selling to institutional markets and specialty audiences
  • Expertise across a number of publishing functions
  • Access to advanced publishing systems and technologies
  • Investment capital for new product development

But the benefits of working with a publisher are not automatic. And having a productive relationship requires first that you pick the right partner. and then that you negotiate the right agreement. These are areas where we can provide you an advantage.

Since 2004, Doody Consulting has been helping large and small organizations on an array of publishing projects. Our leadership team (introduced in the attached flyer) has helped member organizations develop strategic plans, flesh out their portfolios, build web portals, articulate marketing plans, and develop new revenue streams through product and market expansions.

We are especially well-suited to helping you find and build strong publishing partnerships. As the American Academy of Dermatology’s Lara Graf testifies, “Through their deep knowledge of journal publishing and a well-honed process for publisher service bidding and contract negotiation, Doody Consulting worked with us to procure a more lucrative agreement for our clinical journal.”

We organize and manage publisher searches for large and small societies, helping to:

1. Solicit publisher bids
2. Evaluate publisher proposals
3. Identify the best partnering options and
4. Negotiate beneficial business terms to a long-term publishing relationship

And we are successful at this work in part because we have experience from all sides of the publishing equation. We’ve worked in executive capacities within the society environment. As well as within larger publishing organizations. And as consultants bringing societies and publishers together. We know what it takes to build — and sustain — a winning relationship. And we put that experience in service to you.