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Doody Consulting began in 2004 when my career-long friend and colleague, Rich Lampert, left corporate medical publishing to establish a consulting practice. Because medical associations who were sending their books to Doody’s Review Service™ had inquired whether Doody’s provided consulting, I knew Rich represented the know-how and manpower Doody’s needed to provide the kind of publishing and business development services Doody’s participating publishers were looking for.

Providing business development consulting to this sector with Rich has been a wonderfully fulfilling professional experience. Rich and I look forward to many more years of helping our clients develop, disseminate and manage their intellectual property more efficiently and profitably.

On this foundation, I am thrilled to expand Doody Consulting beyond the Business Development Unit Rich and I have been operating the last twelve years to include a new Executive Coaching and Staff Development Unit (ECSDU).

I started my publishing career in 1977 as an Acquisitions Editor. And it has been the development of new business that has been my driving passion ever since. Very early on in my career I realized that a publishing organization’s most important asset were the people involved in the enterprise. Thus began my professional devotion to another driving passion, people development.

So it’s only natural to follow my passion and expand Doody Consulting by launching ECSDU. And just as launching the Business Development Unit occurred because a long-time trusted colleague was willing to join efforts with me, I’m launching the ECSDU with two long-time, trusted colleagues who bring extraordinary talent, training and experience in maximizing human performance to the endeavor.

Maureen GlassI first met Maureen Glass more than a dozen years ago when she was organizing an industry event for Chicago-area publishers as Senior Vice President of Health Administration Press. Since that time we’ve worked together on numerous industry events. Like Rich Lampert, Maureen left the publishing industry about a year ago to establish her own executive coaching, staff development and training practice. And as soon as she told me of her new career path, I knew Doody Consulting had the opportunity to expand its services beyond business development and into human performance development.

Watch our interview with Maureen Glass.

Molly HenryMolly Henry and I became acquainted when we were appointed to the same community-based volunteer committee in 2008. Before long, Molly and I (along with a strong support team) brought the Gallup StrengthsFinder and Strengths-Based Development training programs to the community. In five years, more than 300 people from the community have gone through the Strengths program, which I oversee operationally and for which Molly designs the curriculum and facilitates the vast majority of the workshops. Since taking the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment and going through workshops and personal training sessions led by Molly, I’ve been able to channel my Top 5 strengths of Arranger, Maximizer, Achiever, Connectedness and Developer for greater productivity and satisfaction at work, and more fulfillment in my personal and volunteer life.

Watch our interview with Molly Henry.

It’s thrilling to be able to offer these dynamic tools in the hands of these very skilled coaches and trainers to help our clients reap extraordinary returns on investing in their own human capital.