Doody Consulting is in the human performance business. For the past three years, we have been offering staff-development and team-building workshops, as well as executive coaching services, all with the aim to improve the performance and productivity of our clients’ staff.

I’m sure you will agree that no resource is more vital to achieving your organizational goals than your staff. So, it’s worth asking: Are they working at peak productivity? Are they interacting with each other with maximum efficiency?

Recognizing how important it is for an organization’s success to invest in the professional development of its staff consistently and continuously, Doody Consulting offers nine separate staff development and team building workshops. Ideal for a management team or key departments, the workshops are typically delivered on-site and can be packaged as half-day, three-quarter-day, or full-day events.

The workshops we are offering this spring have been designed around these nine impactful topics. Each workshop is then customized to the organization’s particular needs.


  • Enhancing Communication Skills 
  • Improving Listening Skills and Mastering the Art of Receiving Feedback
  • Developing Leadership Presence
  • 4 Simple-Yet-Powerful Tools to Transform Your Leadership – A Supervisors’ Workshop  
  • Bringing Happiness and Purpose to the Workplace
  • Increasing Trust and Reducing Stress in Fostering a Healthy Work Environment  
  • Delivering Superior Customer Service Consistently
  • Time Management
  • Developing Interviewing Skills


Explore the take-aways and learning objectives of each workshop by clicking here. While most clients prefer to hold our workshops on-site, others prefer the retreat-like atmosphere an off-site location provides. All workshops are facilitated by Doody Consulting’s Maureen Glass and Dan Doody. 

It’s not too late to reap the benefits in 2019 of a workshop held in the first half of the year.  If you’re interested in learning more, please drop me a line at