Another in a series of posts about milestones in the first 25 years of Doody Publishing, Inc. (DPI)

Shortly after starting DPI, I asked my next-door neighbor (who knows EVERYONE in Oak Park) if she knew of some at-home Mom who was interested in getting back in the workforce. She introduced me to Anne Hennessy, who lived six blocks from our home and whose kids went to the same elementary school as our kids. My wife Carol invited Anne to interview for the job at our parish’s Market Day in January of 1993. So, I interviewed Anne in early February at the Cozy Corner at Marion and Lake in Oak Park. I discovered three critically important facts: she had her undergraduate degree in journalism, her MBA in finance, and she was ready to come back to work on a part-time basis immediately. As part of the job offer, I wanted to give her a chance over the next several months to determine if she wanted to do editorial or financial work for DPI and when she wanted to transition to full-time. Almost immediately it was obvious her editorial skills were off the charts. Within six weeks I asked if she’d be willing to concentrate on editorial matters, making her Managing Editor for our fledgling publication, Doody’s Journal and I asked if she’d be able to transition to full-time status. Somehow, she made that work. Within a year, she was Editor-in-Chief. In 25 years, we have published more than 2,400 issues of our publications and we’ve NEVER missed a deadline, phenomenal testimony to Anne’s skill set and dedication. Anne is the Publishing behind Doody Publishing, and I’m the Doody.