The globalization of information opens new revenue licensing opportunities for your intellectual property, whether your portfolio features books, periodicals, and any other programs for continuing education.

Some of this growth can be pursued through improved licensing of content to some of your best corporate customers. Or you may explore relationships with a global network of sales agents positioned to license translation rights or subsidiary rights.

The point is: there may be a host of untapped opportunities you can and should pursue.

Indeed, when considered against the enduring resistance to raising member dues, the search for new revenue should be seen as a fiduciary imperative. Unfortunately, many membership organizations are unable to pursue licensing of intellectual property due to already overtaxed staff.

Which is where we come in.

Because we have helped several other societies build sustainable business lines through licensing their intellectual property. As Kevin Baliozian, Executive Director of the Medical Library Association says, “[the Doody team’s] successful approach stems from an ability to collaborate, elicit insightful ideas, apply best practices acquired from their vast experience, motivate and engage, and get things done with quality and on time. In essence, they get it, get the job done, and are easy to work with.”

The fact is, when you work with Doody Consulting, you tap into the expertise of one of the premier consulting firms serving STM and other membership organizations. As described in the attached flyer, our consultants have worked with large and small societies to address business challenges, including those of societies that had been seeking better market penetration and leverage with their intellectual property.