Dan looking 2 - one of the bestWelcome to Extra Doody, featuring blog posts made by the Principals and Associates of Doody Consulting, as well as invited guests. The mission of Doody Consulting is to help our clients, the vast majority of whom are engaged in producing intellectual property in the stm markets, do their work more profitably and efficiently. So the blog will focus on issues related to the challenges our clients face and, we hope, report frequently and faithfully on success stories.

One of the pillars of Doody Consulting is the annual Doody’s Digital Workshop for Society Executives (DDW) conducted every fall since 2013. DDW has the same aim as this blog…to stimulate dialogue about the how these organizations are effectively dealing with the technological and social disruptions of these turbulent times. During the workshop, keynote speakers, panelists and participants address a variety of issues and topics related to the overarching challenge of transforming their organizations from print-first to digital-first operations.

The most recent DDW, held in November of 2015, addressed two main themes: the digital and global transformation imperative facing professional societies and learning how to engage millennials by understanding how they learn, consume information, and form / join social groups. You can read another blog post about 3 practical takeaways, which are possible to implement immediately with minimal additional resources, for the 2015 workshop.

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